### Artist Title Year
WIND025 Slow Pulp Falling Apart 2020
WIND024 Pieri Kitican 2020
WIND023 Sitcom Dust 2 Dust 2020
WIND022 Arthur William Penn 2020
WIND021 The Districts Velour and Velcro 2020
WIND020 Hoops They Say 2020
WIND019 ZekeUltra Untitled 2 2020
WIND018 Arthur I Don't Want To Talk To You 2020
WIND017 Pedazo De Carne Con Ojo Hold Me Down 2019
WIND016 Metronomy Insecurity 2019
WIND015 Joy Again Couldn't 2019
WIND014 Joy Again Country Song 2019
WIND013 Knife Play Specula 2019
WIND012 AnnonXL Canary Yellow 2019
WIND011 Body Meat Nairobi Flex 2018
WIND010 Arthur Woof Woof, God, & Evil Me 2018
WIND009 Shamir Larry Clark 2018
WIND008 Arthur Ivy League 2018
WIND007 Mothers Beauty Routine 2018
WIND006 Mothers Pink 2018
WIND005 Spellbinder Ippolit 2018
WIND004 Mothers Render Another Ugly Method 2018
WIND003 Sitcom Grassy Field On A Sunny Day 2018
WIND002 Palm Dog Milk 2018
WIND001 Sitcom Wind Blo s 2017